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Taking look through Zillow College Station Texas, I can’t believe that it has almost been a year since we left our family and friends behind in America. Our excursion traveling South East Asia will soon be overcome April or May of next year and my fiancé and I will be returning to the states to give birth to our second child and new ideas. Our due date is early in the summer, so we will be purchasing our first home after the birth of our child. At this moment, traveling abroad things are smooth traveling with one child but we need to start preparing ourselves for our new second arrival. Wet start making a list of baby names and we figured we should also choose Zillow College Station Texas to pick our new home. We have talked about making a to-do list of the things we would like to know to educate us on this process of home buying so that we will know the things that need to get done. The more we know will help to get the ball rolling to purchase our new home.



First things first, we must create our budget to know what we can or can’t afford. Look over both our monthly income and expenses that we have collectively or separately. Utility cost, monthly expenses, and repair of the new home need to be taken into consideration. The amount that we decide should be affordable and comfortable per month. The amount should cover our mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and mortgage insurance. Being careful that after we pay mortgage payment or any other bills, we have enough money to live, like saving my money, or different investments for the month.



Find a mortgage lender, ask friends or family if they know anyone they trust and feel comfortable referring. Be careful when selecting an online lender because they are not trustworthy when it comes to making the promised closing dates. If the dates are not met that could possibly put us in default on the arranged purchase agreement. We will look for local lenders, someone who can compete with any online interest rate that we may find online. Another important mistake we need not make: Making sure that we avoid making any major purchases where they must do a credit check such as a new car or furniture before the closing is complete. Large financed purchases may possibly hurt and take the income to debt is ratio above what the lender is allowing percentage wise and cause us not to be able to get approved for the purchase of the home.







Recommended to make 3 detailed lists:


Must-Have List


Like To Have List


Must Not Have


* Do not compromise, this is our first home




This is where Zillow College Station Texas comes to play, search online or the Realtor will provide home after home for you to go over, provided by the list that was created. Pictures and information will be given along with data collected on the properties. Once any properties have been chosen, schedule a time to view the property. Don’t worry if “THE” home was not found the very first time looking. Zillow College Station Texas is constantly updating their website info.



Once finding a great home that matches our taste, jump out there and make an offer. The Realtor should check the prices of neighboring properties that can be compared in the area where the home is located; that helps to determine if the home is priced fairly and determines what offer should be brought to the table. Always remember, price is not the only element of an offer. Remember anything can be negotiated as far as terms are concerned. The terms are often equally as, if not more important than the price. When submitting the offer, the seller will accept, decline or counteroffer to your original offer to purchase. Be prepared for negotiation back and forth through the agent a few times before getting to the price and terms that are comfortable for all parties involved.



Final things to remember before close on the new home:


Get homeowner’s insurance.


Make sure mailing address has been changed and all mail forwarded.


Schedule utilities to be turned on - on the day of closing.


Schedule packers and movers.


Have a valid driver’s license at the title company to complete the closing.


Tips and things to remember:


Change locks.


Change the air filter.


Have the carpets cleaned.


Repaint or get anything fixed before moving in.



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