Looking for Housing in College Station?


Looking for housing in College Station? There are a few things that most individuals look for when searching for a place to live in College Station. Whether they are looking because they are students and are looking for student housing in College Station to stay close to Texas A&M, people that just want to have the pleasure of saying that they live in College Station, TX, or people that are interested in the many incredible schools in the area for their children. When it comes to housing in College Station, most people look for the schools in the area, the parks, or the friendly and safe neighborhoods. However, students tend to look for a few things that are not on that list that most families do not look for.


Because Texas A&M is the center of College Station, the city is mostly made up of college students and student housing. Most places in town that offer student housing are on campus or just on the outskirts and offer most, if not all, of the things that students tend to look for in any housing unit they are considering. Some of the amenities that they search for include a resort style pool, fitness center, study area, and laundry room. There are more than some students may look for, but these seem to be among the most preferred. Most of the student housing on campus offer these things and many more that the students want and feel they need, whether it be for a quick and calming break while studying, to get away from a roommate without having to all the way to the libraries in the middle of campus, or because they don’t want to go back to mom’s house just for a load of laundry.


Even though College Station is mostly made up of college students, does not mean that it is full of rude people that don’t know how to drive. In fact, College Station is made up of people that understand the value of respecting the people around you and lending them a helping hand in a way that they can. Texas A&M is a school that prides itself on its traditions and ways of teaching others more than just academics in the classroom. The traditions alone teach the students that each and every individual deserves to be welcomed with open arms and a warm and boisterous “HOWDY!” The traditions teach that no matter the color or beliefs of a person, they are part of our family and they deserve to be treated as so. Because, in the end, we will all call “Here” for each other and we will all feel the sting of the loss of those twelve at Bonfire Memorial. We will all grab hold and sway to “Saw ‘Em Off” and we will all hold each other every first Thursday when the campus is dark and the sound of the Echo Taps plays for every fallen Aggie the month before. No matter what, if you are near an Aggie, they will be willing to help you and will do everything in their power to ensure that you are taken care of properly and that you are enjoying their beautiful and safe town.


Living in any type of housing in College Station means that you will be able to attend any of the traditions or events that the school and community hosts that are open to the public. Some of the events are family friendly and lighthearted and some of them, like Muster, is more serious and not suitable for young children. However, every event is worth going to at least once, if possible, to witness the large family dynamic the city and college have to offer and understand why Aggies are so close to each other and why they will go above and beyond for every person in their community, whether the person is an Aggie as well or not.


Being in College Station, you are automatically welcomed into the community with open arms and warm greetings and should never want for anything or ever go without help. These are all reasons, and so many more, why housing in College Station is so widely desired and would be perfect for anyone that is looking, student or not. There are other requirements that most look for and consider, but they are all met in the housing options in College Station.

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