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College Station is a town up in Brazos County, East-Central Texas that sits at the center of Brazos Valley, in a region known as the Texas Triangle. The city is located 140 kilometers (90 miles) away from Houston on the North Western side, and 87 miles away from Austin on the North Eastern side.


According to the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 93,857, which was later estimated to have increased to around 118,064 by August 2018. The town, which is home to Texas A&M University’s main campus, owes its name to the university’s location, which is along a railroad.


The city has ongoing projects funded by organizations and institutions such as the Office of Naval Research, NASA, National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health. In 2016, College Station was named by Money Magazine as the 11th most educated city in the US, and the most educated in Texas.


Houses in College Station for Rent and Sale


From the information above, it is easy to see that College Station is a bustling city. It can, therefore, be a bit difficult for one to find the right place to settle down. According to, there are some housing options available which vary from student housing, apartments, to townhouses in College Station. In each category, there is bound to be something that can meet your budget, lifestyle, and needs.


  1. Student Housing


When it comes to student housing, there are only two options available. One can either choose to live on campus or off-campus. Living on campus has its advantages, but it also comes with a disadvantage of not knowing who you will reside with, and how life will be living with your new roommate.


It is the primary reason why many students attending Texas A&M University’s main campus choose to live off-campus. Living off-campus means that you will not have to share a room with anyone, and more importantly, you’ll get your much-needed privacy as there will be no RA (resident assistant) coming to check in on you now and then.


For students seeking such an option, recommends checking out The Retreat at College Station. It serves as the perfect student accommodation center due to its proximity to the campus, and the fact that you will have all the privacy you need. It also means that you do not have to worry about the dorms being closed during the summer holidays, as you will still have a place of your own to stay.


  1. Apartments


Apartments are a popular choice among many city dwellers who want to live close to their places of work. Compared to leasing a house, leasing an apartment is much cheaper. Also, it does not require a lot of money for you to maintain the flat.


Many College Station residents lease their apartments from landlords, who are legally required to ensure that the flat is livable. In fulfilling this requirement, they have to ensure that repairs are carried out in case of breakage or service interruption.


When it comes to apartments, there are a few crucial factors that you need to understand before you lease one. For instance, many studios offer social amenities such as pools and shared laundry rooms. However, there are some that do not allow tenants to keep pets. Pet owners, may, therefore have to find alternative accommodation options if their agreements do not allow them to own pets.


  1. Family Houses in College Station


Renting a house has always proved convenient for families, and people who value their privacy. A family house provides you with adequate storage space, as well as the convenience you need to go about your business.


Some of the houses available in the city have lawns, which makes them perfect for hosting friends over the weekends. They are also ideal for parents with small children as the kids can play with their friends and their pets on the lawns without disturbing anyone.


For family houses, it is essential to understand that unlike apartments, they require more maintenance. You must be prepared to mow the lawns and conduct general repairs occasionally.


Depending on your job, financial situation, and estimated length of stay, you can either choose to lease or buy a family house. can help you get great deals on homes located in or around the city. You have to state what you are looking for, and they will help you find it.


  1. Townhouses


Townhouses are larger than apartments, but they come with less space compared to traditional family houses in College Station. In many cases, the townhouses are situated in gated communities and are deemed ideal for families looking for privacy, security, and exclusivity, as only the residents are granted access while non-residents have to seek permission from those that they wish to visit.


As is the case with the many luxury apartments located in College Station City, townhomes often offer their residents access to amenities such as clubhouses and pools. Families that are looking to raise their children in a safe and secure environment will find them to be very accommodating.


The fact that many gated communities are self-sustaining will also be a welcome relief for parents who do not want to have to travel for miles to shop for their kids, or to take them to the playgrounds. The prices vary depending on the amenities contained in the townhomes and on the kind of people who reside in that area.


It is best to take your time before deciding on where to lease or buy. Take your time to scout a few areas before you make up your mind, as you do not want to have to sell or find a new lease a few months after moving into your new College Station home.


Why Consider Moving to College Station?


College Station is one of the most developed areas in Texas, with an unemployment rate of between 3 to 4% (the lowest in Texas). In addition to having a low unemployment rate, the city has a well-developed transport system comprising of airports, railroads, major roads, and mass transit.


Its school district is one of the best in the whole of Texas which comprises of two high schools, one university, and one health science center. Some of the points of interest include the Anderson Arboretum and the George Bush Presidential Library.


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