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Many college students live in College Station Texas. The city is home to Texas A&M University, so there’s little wonder why the average age of a CS resident is 23-years old or why it is listed as one of the most educated cities in the U.S. Students attending college need a safe, affordable place to call home but oftentimes have no clue how to find that place. It’s often the first experience students have living away from home and while parents can certainly help them, it takes a great home locator service to aid the process. provides college students with an easy-to-use platform filled with an assortment of home listings and other valuable information that eases the buying process.


Of course, College Station is home to far more than college students. The small city is vibrant and full of life and certainly appeases to those who want a quaint life in a comfortable, affordable community. Retirees, families, couples, and single business professionals can use to find the perfect place to call home. Single-family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments, and other home styles are available in various price ranges so everyone can find the home of their dreams. Owning a home is the American dream and using this website is the best way to put yourself one step closer to home ownership in one of America’s greatest towns!


Reasons to Use to Find Houses for Sale College Station TX is a simple website that has an abundance of information available for anyone looking to move to the area. Although most people use the site to browse home listings, the website also contains valuable information for buyers and renters, including an informative blog covering a variety of different buying and home ownership information, home evaluation service, and numerous resources concerning neighborhood information, information about costs of living, and more. Use the site whenever the time is right, whether its lunch hour at work or the middle of the night when insomnia rears its ugly head. Many great houses for sale College Station are available with new listings added daily. It’s one of the best ways to locate your new place to call home!


Just the Facts: College Station Texas


If you’ve considered making the move to College Station but remain undecided, perhaps these facts will help you decide if this city is right for your living needs. Most people, regardless of age, find the area to be one that allows them to live a simple, yet modern lifestyle with an abundance of amenities. It’s the best of both worlds in College Station. A few important facts about the city that may inspire you to start the search for houses for sale College Station sooner instead of later:


- Texas A&M students know how to have a good time. You’ll find many students gathered at the Dixie Chicken. This establishment is a barrel of fun for students!


- College Station is home to about 119,864 people


- The city is the 11th most educated city in the U.S.


- College Station receives approximately 39-inches of rainfall each year


- Live music is popular in College Station. Many local establishments feature live concerts each day!


- Aside from the college and school district, the largest employers in College Station include St. Joseph Regional Health Center, City of Bryan, Sanderson Farms, and Reynolds and Reynolds.


- Post-Oak Mall is the largest mall in the area.


- Houston is located 69-miles away and Austin is 107 miles.


- The George W. Bush Presidential Library is located in College Station. It is the largest attraction in the city.


- The average price of a home in College Station is $119,990, although there are properties priced both higher and lower than this amount.


- The city has many museums, parks, and art galleries.


- Ryback, professional WWE star, and country music singer Lyle Lovett both hail from College Station Texas.


- Are you RedAss? Be proud if you hear this term. It is the name given to someone that is full of Texas A&M spirit and cheer!


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