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The Millennial Home Buyer homes with pools for sale Bryan


Millions of millennials are on the hunt for their first home. Beautiful curb appeal, updated living, and access to the best restaurants and hangouts are at the top of the list. Whether the search is for a starter home, a forever home, or an investment property, has you covered. Here you can find the most coveted homes in the state of Texas. Take a journey through single-family homes in Bryan, a rapidly growing city offering affordable homes with pools and beautiful yard space. Be amid it all at College Station, the home of Texas A&M University. Close the deal on the golf course and take in the scenery of Briarcrest Estates.


Who are the Millennials


Millennials are persons born after 1980 according to the Pew Research Center. Millennials have major buying power in the economy and are a targeted customer group for many businesses. Homes with pools for sale Bryan A major market that currently targets millennials in the real estate market. Millennials are now purchasing their first homes and beginning to generate their wealth. It is the beginning for this group of people when it comes to building a life and preparing for the future. As a young adult, every decision is an important one. In the current state of the economy, millennials have to consider retirement and living after being able to work at an early age. Affordable living is not only important, but it is also a requirement. The goal is to be a homeowner whilst still being able to live.


The Young Professional


Young professionals are spending little time at home. Building relationships by networking and working for hours on end consumes most of their time. Most young adults are trying to “make it”. Building a future for themselves and their families are the primary focus. The home becomes a place not only to relax and let loose but a place to host and make a forever impression on those that can change your career. Persuasion is done much easier when food, drinks, and a relaxing and inviting atmosphere is involved. When considering the search for a new home, a good thought to have would be, “Would I be comfortable inviting my boss to dinner?” With the right tools, obtaining a home that you can be proud of while staying in budget becomes a sure possibility.


It is understood that millennials are looking for more than a house. It’s more than a home. It’s an experience. Young professionals climbing the ladder of corporate America know that perception of peers and influencers are important. It is not enough to simply be a homeowner as it was years ago. The location, type of home, and amenities become major deciding factors. The “refuse to settle” attitude has become an epidemic. Social media and pop culture share in the blame for this. Buyers simply want what they see on television and peer’s social media.


Targeting the millennial homebuyer


Market online. Incorporate video and/virtual tour if possible. Time is of the essence. New age homebuyers want to see the home virtually before considering seeing it in person. Provide as much information as possible about the location and nearby amenities. Also, include HOA fees in the listing. Transparency can save a lot potentially wasted time. That's why you should consider homes with pools for sale Bryan to know that you're getting a great deal.


Keep it modern simple and clean. Unorthodox decor, clutter, and uncleanliness can distract from the great things about the property. Buyers want a home that can be customized and personalized to fit who they are and their personal style. A blank canvas will also make the home feel more move in ready.


Be willing to negotiate- People want to feel like they are getting a deal.


Include popular details in listing such as pool inspired by that of a well-known celebrity. Think about the one thing that makes the property unique.


Avoid social issues: The more inclusive target marketing is, the larger the pool of prospective buyers. After all, the main goal is to sell.


Getting it Done the Millennial Way


With smartphones glued to the hand, millennials are always on the go. Without wasting a minute, homes for sale with pools in Bryan, Texas is searched. Over 200 results appear. Within minutes, showings are scheduled. Within days, a deal is made. In as little as thirty days, the young adult is a homeowner. This is home buying made quick and easy. Millennials have specific wants and a need to feel like getting the thing done.


There are many search engines that one can use when looking for a home. is specialized to the Texas real estate market. Filters that allow the user to search for property type, number of bedrooms, and price narrow the search even further. is user-friendly which minimizes time searching. We are living in a fast-paced world. Millennials especially want to be able to get things done quickly and without confusion. Millennials are the generation that never sleeps. Many are working multiple jobs with the odd hour to search for homes. There is no time to ride around for hours looking at every home that is on the market. Gone are the days where the buyer rides around for hours on end with their agent looking at homes that don’t fall under the criteria of what they are looking for. Online home buying search engines are saving the buyers and the broker’s time.


No Worries! Help is on the Way!


Whether you choose to purchase a home to live in, lease out, or fix up and resale, the home is an investment. For most Americans, their home is the most expensive thing that they will ever own. So many have gained their wealth through real estate. It is time for millennials to begin the wealth building journey. The housing market crisis of 2008 caused a huge setback for millennials. Because of this, millennials have had to work extremely hard to become homeowners. Searching for a home is a big deal and getting as much as the available money can buy is of utmost importance. It can be overwhelming and intimidating searching online for homes for sale. There are so many options and may be many variations of what a buyer may be looking for. Understand that expert real-estate agents are here to help. These agents are specialized in any given area and can assist in finding the perfect home within a given budget and assessed needs. Get excited about home buying. Get excited about a change of scenery and an improved lifestyle. If the goal is to find a home in the Bryan/College Station area or in the State of Texas, there is no better place to go. Start your local search with homes with pools for sale Bryan.