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“There’s a vastness here and I believe that the people who are born here breathe that vastness into their soul. They dream big dreams and think big thoughts because there is nothing to hem them in.” -Conrad Hilton


Texas is a big state, as far as states in the U.S. The state is full of big spaces, big skies, big sports, and big personalities. If the wide-open skies of Texas and the open landscapes appeal to you, then you should consider moving out to the beautiful landscape. Bryan Texas currently has an assortment of homes that are for sale in the Brazos County area of Texas. Bryan is nicknamed "The Good Life, Texas Style". The moniker lives up to itself. Bryan Texas is a Texas city with Texas-style through and through. There are several lots and homes for sale Bryan TX that you should definitely look into if a Texas-style life is what you are looking for. Here are a few things to know about the history, weather, health care, schools, economy, transportation, arts and culture, recreational activities, crime rate, and the real estate available if you are interested in homes for sale Bryan TX.


A Brief History of Bryan Texas


Bryan Texas was part of a land grant in the 1800s that was given to a man named Moses Austin by Spain. Moses Austin pleaded with his son Stephen Austin to go to the territory to establish a settlement with the land that was granted to him by Spain. Stephen Austin went to the territory to fulfill his father's dream. He is known today as the father of Texas. The nephew of Stephen Austin, William Joel Bryan, was one of the settlers that went along with Stephen to what is now Texas. Bryan was named after him in the year 1866.


Weather in Bryan


The weather in Bryan Texas is fairly mild and subtropical. The summers are hot, with rain and sun being the only changes in weather patterns. The winters in Bryan are mild and snow is a rare occurrence. When snow does fall, it's usually only a day or two during the two months of winter. The snow usually melts quickly. If you enjoy mild or hot and subtropical weather, then Texas is the place for you.


Bryan Health Care Facilities


The healthcare facilities in Bryan Texas includes St. Joseph Regional Health Center, Scott and White Hospital, and the College Station Medical Center. The healthcare facilities in Bryan are suited to treating patients of all ages. There are other nearby medical facilities in the Bryan area for more specific health issues or needs.


Bryan Local Schools


The schools available in Bryan Texas is the Bryan School District. There is also a myriad of private school-age students can attend instead. For college, Bryan is right next to Texas A&M University. The college is one of the top colleges in the country. It is located just south of Bryan.




The economy in Bryan is strong. The major employer in the community is Texas A&M University. The University has around 19,000 employees. The other major employers in the community are the Bryan Public School District, Sanderson Farms, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, the government of the city of Bryan, and Alenco.




The transportation in Bryan Texas includes the bus lines, maintained roadways, and nearby airlines. There is a free bus line operated by students at the A&M University that are available during the weekdays for the public. The free bus line serves areas mainly where students live so they can get to and from Texas A&M University. The commercial airport in the Bryan area is the Easterwood Airport.


Arts and Culture


Bryan has a thriving arts and culture community in downtown Bryan. Downtown Bryan offers visitors an assortment of music, shopping, food, and art in their cultural districts. You can see an array of films at the restored old Queens Theatre. The Palace and the Grand Stafford Theatre have frequent live music and poetry slams. Art galleries, boutiques, antique shops, and family-owned businesses make up the rest of the cultural districts in downtown Bryan.


Recreational Activities


Of all the recreational activities in Bryan, the most beloved one is football. Game days are important to everyone in the city. Aggie game days at the A&M University. Football is just as exciting as NFL level football games for the community of College Station and Bryan Texas. Football fans will rejoice in the football culture in Bryan. Lake Bryan is another popular spot in the Bryan community. People regularly go fishing on Lake Bryan.


Crime Rate in Bryan


The crime rate in Bryan depends on what area you are in the city. The city has a crime rate of 13 on the crime index. The crime rate of 100 is considered the safest in the crime index. The city is safer than 13% of cities in the United States.


Homes for Sale Bryan TX


The homes for sale Bryan TX are varied. You can find nearly any type or prices on houses for your needs. The average family size home in Bryan TX is about $171,180. A lot is typically $25,000, although it depends on the size of the lot. Most of the houses for sale in the area have a Texas-style to them, to keep the house cool during the hot summer months. You can discuss with a Realtor what type and price of a house you are looking for, and they will match you up with that style home in Bryan Texas.

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