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If you are a real estate agent and new in the business, one thing you need to know is that career success and financial independence in this industry can put you on the path of early retirement. This doesn't mean you as a real estate agent should focus only on the end results - how much money can be made. What is important is how you present yourself to the world, your potential clients, and how you reach your goals.


These are the factors to become a successful real estate agent - self-correcting with each failure, communicating clearly, reaching to more qualified buyers and finally documenting your success. It doesn't matter whether you have zero idea of how this business works or have been in this industry for half a century. The ideal approach to selling homes for sale will remain the same as it is right now. The goal of an agent is to identify the right buyer or seller and serve their requirements. What is new in this approach is the right way to find those buyers and sellers and earn their trust. Because without trust and confidence on their end, there is no result. When we live in a skeptical world, having trust of the prospect for a longer term is very important.


There has been lots of discussion in the real estate industry about the impact of technology. Will the real estate agents be replaced by this technology? By Banks? Or by other professions involved in dealing with homes for sale? The truth is, certainly not. Although it seems everything can be done on the internet, remotely, without human interaction on a one-on-one basis, nothing is guaranteed. In other words, there is no substitute for a personal touch from agents working in this industry. The tools and equipment that accompany any real estate transaction is merely a tool to enhance the speed and ensure everything is in order. The threat of losing the term real estate agent and becoming obsolete has nothing to do with technology but everything to do with not learning new things. When the agents stop working toward gaining knowledge, they are setting themselves up to be a failure.


Additionally, one of the big challenges that individual agents or real estate companies face is having the willing attitude. The agents' willingness to take on tasks related to real estate as well as their passion to get education can make or break their career. This will determine their future in real estate as well. Find the agent that has this willingness attitude and you will find the one who is rich and prosperous in his or her business.


Time is another factor that a real estate agent should learn to manage efficiently. We are in the age of internet. There was a time when the agents received two or three emails from prospects asking to show homes for sale they were interested in. The agents would gladly reply to those emails as soon as they were received. Today, agents get hundreds of emails every day, and replying to every one of them is out of question. They are on information overload. Each day they are bombarded with requests from clients to perform tasks that require multiple hours of their routine. Besides, people have tough time constraints too. This means agents do not have hours to spend on researching the housing market, nor they have time to fulfill every need of their prospects.


What we can infer from all this is that, although technology has played a major role in the agents' life and the life of buyers and sellers, the reliability of prospects on agents is still intact. In fact, technology has only increased the demand for these agents. People want the agents to simplify the process of finding their dream homes. They want suggestions, want to learn about the features of homes for sale through plain talk. Most of them have no time or patience to find out on their own. They know that trusted agents are mavens of information in this area and hence they don't hesitate to inquire.


When these prospects come asking for a reliable professional real estate agent in your neighborhood, make sure they are looking for you. The trick here is to be on the referral hotline list. The heart and soul of the real estate business is to repeat the transaction again and again with the same or different prospect. With trust and confidence from the prospect, you can gain long term relationship. This is an ongoing process where you maintain professionalism while serving the needs of your clients. You are also creating a base where they can approach for not just property showing but other information related to real estate as well. This is how you will be able to create lifetime customers for your business. They are your referrals; their word of mouth advertising is the best marketing approach for your business. Remember that there is no alternate to a recommendation from a buyer or seller who has experienced your punctuality and usefulness.


All of these with a bit of preparation will let you reach a new height in attaining your business goals. You need to study your market just like you study the prospects and their needs. This means knowing the house that you are about to show inch by inch and remembering the house as soon as the customer presents a list of features. Not every agent has a passion for real estate. If they can't recall a customer asking to show a house with a brown carpet in the living room, they are in the wrong job. This is not a memory test either. It is being prepared for the task ahead of you.


Again, as a real estate agent, you need to know that there are best times and worst times in every market. None of the ups and downs should scare you when you are in this business. Rising markets and falling markets all have positive and negative outcomes, both for the agents and prospects. The power is in the execution of the buying or selling process. The market condition should not stop you from going ahead with the things an agent should be working on. It should not deter you from handling the transactions responsibly. The purpose of many information out there as well as education is to give you the skills and acquire the attitude you need to perform efficiently. Whether you are new to real estate or experienced but need a lift, this knowledge will help you along your journey.

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