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College Station, Texas is a city located in the middle of Brazos County in Texas. The city was so named because the city is the home of Texas A&M University, which lies right beside a train station. Texas A&M University has land, sea, and space research grant programs at the university. NASA, the Natural Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and the Office of Naval Research also fund research programs at the Texas A&M University. The university and the number of research studies the university does is important to the academic workers in College Station. The university employs the largest number of people in the city. The periodical Money magazine called College Station the 11th most educated city throughout the entire United States. Money magazine also named College Station the most educated city in the whole state of Texas. This high education rate is due to Texas A&M University and to excellent public-school programs for students.
The city also has a high employment rate with a very low property tax rate. For many years it has been a high growth area. Various startup businesses have been able to grow roots in College Station, thanks to the strong economic growth rate in the community. The city is well-liked for the small-town atmosphere it possesses, with easy access to three major metro cities. San Antonio, Houston, and Austin are all within a three-hour drive of College Station. College Station is located within an area referred to as the Texas triangle. The Texas Triangle is the shape of the three major cities of San Antonio, Houston, and Austin makes when you draw lines connecting them on a map. It is one of the safest communities throughout the state of Texas, making it an excellent place to raise a family. The schools have a strong community feel, which is another reason why families love the area. The area also has a college football team from the university, so college football fans can regularly attend games. If living or owning land in a community with such a strong academic influence and a small town feel with metro areas conveniently nearby sounds like your kind of place, look no further than the College Station TX land for sale when you make your next lot purchase.

There are hundreds of acres worth of land for sale in College Station, Texas. The land is varied in possible locations. You can select a lot based upon how you want to use it and what roads or highways they are closest to for your transportation to be as convenient as possible. There is a variety of land that is located off of Highway 6 Arrington, Wellborn Road, and Canvasback Cove. The land in College Station is available with large oaks, a residential living area, pasture land for horses or cows, forest, or where the property has access to hunting land or may be used for hunting the land.

Selecting a College Station Home and Lot

The College Station land for sale can be used as open land or for your next home. Some of the lots our real estate business has available are located on a quaint little quiet cul de sac that would be ideal for building your next home. We have some lots for sale that already have a family living home built on the lot. You may also choose a lot with a home that is out in the boonies or one that is in a residential based environment. Being able to choose if you want to live in the city of College Station or just outside of it allows you to have even more options to choose exactly what you would like.

Finding Exactly What You Need Out of College Station, TX

Our Realtors will help you find exactly what you are looking for out of your lot. All you have to do is be open and honest with your Realtor about what kind of lot or home that you are seeking to purchase. Our trained professional Realtors want to help you find the right type of lot in College Station for you. We are confident that there is something for everyone in College Station. This is something the community in College Station also believes wholeheartedly. Their city's introductory video on their website says that the city has a little something for everyone, no matter your age or whether you prefer living in a city or a small town. If you let our Realtors know exactly what you need out of College Station, they will be able to find the lot for you.

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For inquiries about the College Station land for sale, please contact our real estate agency. One of our professional Realtors will be sure to set up a meeting with you and to answer all your questions concerning this unique and special location in College Station, Texas. You may contact our business number or work email with inquiries for a land tour or questions regarding the lot locations and price of the land for sale. Once you contact our Realtor agency, one of our Realtors will give you their more direct business contact information for you to work with them through the rest of your questions about the land or your purchase of land. You can view a full listing of all the lots available in College Station that we are selling. This is an easy way for you to look on your own for what you'd like before you consult with one of our Realtors. If you are more interested in a beautiful home for sale, we are happy to help you find country homes in the area. College Station TX has plenty of homes for sale, with a living room exactly how you'd like, and a car garage the appropriate size for your needs.