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In Texas, there’s a city that has literally everything for any type of person. College Station, located in the Lone Star State, is the place to go if you are looking for something that has something for anyone. This is not an easy feat, although the city of College Station, Texas goes about it seemingly with ease. The city even transcends age, with its ability to reach out to every generation that lives in the area. Currently, College Station, Texas has available lots for sale. The highly desirable property is perfect for nearly every type of buyer. Here are the reasons why you should invest in land for sale in College Station, the place that has everything.


Centrally Located


College Station is generally considered a fairly small city. The citizen population is about 117,191 people in College Station. The city is located within Brazos County. The county lies in the triangle between three major cities in Texas. The cities of San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. The cites are within three hours or less away from College Station. The centrally located placement of College Station in the middle of these three major cities means that the those living in the city can enjoy both the perks of a small city and larger metro areas. The city is perfect for those who want a small-town feel, but easy access to a bigger city for entertainment and cuisine purposes.


The Texas A&M University


The Texas A&M University is the major highlight and employer of the city. The University is such a key element of the city's identity that it is in part the reason for the naming of the city. The University lies beside a former railroad station, so the name College Station originates from that. The A&M University has triple impact grant programs for land, sea, and space. The University has various experimental research work funded by NASA, the Navy, the Health Institute, and the National Science Foundation. The University brings quite a bit of pride to the community. Students, college professors, and researchers can utilize the University for their education and professional needs.


Location of the George Bush Presidential Library


Political literature fans can enjoy the landmark George Bush Presidential Library and Museum that is in College Station. The library was opened in 1997 by President Bush Sr. on the grounds of the A&M University. The library and museum were put in place to give people more exposure to political education. There is a plethora of information in the museum part about the presidential term and life of President George Bush Sr. The George Bush Presidential Library is also the final resting places of the former president's deceased daughter Pauline and his wife First Lady Barbara Bush.


Northgate Music Festival


Country music lovers can enjoy the vibrant country music scene in the Northgate district of College Station. Some of the popular music venues in the area include Church Street BBQ and Hurricane Harry's. The Northgate district is home to the Northgate Music Festival. Some of the notable music artists who got their big break in the Northgate area include the likes of Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Roger Creager, and Dub Miller.


Family Friendly Location


The city of College Station is very family friendly. The community is small enough for kids to have plenty of space for recreational activity. The schools in the area are also very good and community based. The city is well-educated thanks to the successful public-school system and the nearby A&M University. The city is also viewed as one of the safest cities in Texas. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the nation based upon the size of the city.


Located Nearby Houston Space Center


Space and science fans may love living in College Station. For starters, the A&M University does research programs for NASA. The city is also located close to Houston where visitors can go to the Houston Space Center. The NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston allows visitors to view mission control and to watch astronauts training for space missions. This Space Center permitting visitors to view astronauts’ training is a one of a kind aspect of the center. There aren't any other space centers in the world that permit visitors to watch astronauts training for missions. The fact that College Station is a small city means that at home astronomers can easily star gaze or use telescopes to view space as well.


The Place to be for Sport Enthusiasts


Sports enthusiasts can enjoy regular football games in College Station. The Kyle field has regular season games for the college team. Olsen Field has baseball games for those who love the great American pastime. For soccer, fans can go to Ellis field. Softball fans can go to games at the Aggie Softball Complex. Racing can be viewed at the Texas World Speedway. Hockey games are played regularly at the Spirit Ice Arena.


College Station TX is Retiree Friendly


Generally, retirees look to Florida as the popular place for retirement. Texas has begun to become a trendier retirement location in the last decade or so. College Station is the perfect place for retirement for people who want a quiet and quaint place to settle for the remainder of their years. The quiet small-town atmosphere of College Station TX is good for those of retirement age who want to focus on hobbies or relaxation. The city is also ideal for retirees who want to occasionally drive to one of the nearby bigger cities to enjoy the food, entertainment, or museums in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Retirees can enjoy playing rounds of golf at the A&M Traditions Club.


Property Highlights of College Station Land


If College Station sounds like a good fit for you and your family, then you should look into buying College Station land. Our real estate agency is currently selling acres located in south College Station. These vacant lot options have plenty of excellent features. Each acre lot has plenty of vast yard space with large oaks scattered across it. The properties have great visibility. The estate lot options are located along Wellborn Road in the south part of College Station. The College Station land that is available will be excellent places to build a home or use as a rental property.


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