Bryan Realtors


Where is Bryan? It is in Texas, centrally located between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. You can have small city living with access to three big cities, should you want to visit them. Houston is about two hours Southeast, Dallas is about three hours North, and San Antonio is three hours Southwest of the Bryan area.


The Bryan and College Station area are comprised of about 178,000 people. When looking to move to the Bryan area, you will also be looking at College Station, as they are considered sister cities. You can search Bryan Realtors or real estate in Bryan College Station area. The College Station area is home to the Texas A&M University, so if you want to be closer to the university then search home buying in this area.


If you love the great outdoors, then you will love this area. The year-round climate is great for being outside. January has an average low of about 50 degrees, while the hottest month is August, with 86 degrees, but you have more warm days to enjoy the weather. Both areas host an abundance of parks to enjoy, ranging about 100 parks between the two.


Love swimming? Bryan has three swimming pools, located throughout the city, and an aquatic center. The aquatic center has a double water slide and diving pool to play outside all day in. College Station also has four different swimming areas. There is a lagoon type pool, that you walk into, like a beach, that gradually gets deeper, but only to four feet. There is another that has a small tube slide, one with an Olympic sized pool with two large water slides, baby pool, and concessions. Last, but not least, is a splash pad for those that just want to get wet, but not swim. Great for the little ones.


Each city also has about fifty different areas to choose from, for biking, walking, or jogging. Each with their own length's, and beautiful nature to admire. Along with trails, there are also many sports facilities, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball, and baseball too. There are also many adult sports facilities with leagues, like softball, pickleball, disc golf, and horseshoes. You are sure to find your sport available in either city. Don't forget "Fido", he needs exercise too and can get it at one of six dog parks located in either city.


The golf enthusiast will find plenty of courses here to suit their needs. With a choice of six different courses and clubs. They all feature golfing apparel and equipment stores, in case you need some new items. One of the courses has a huge clubhouse and swimming pool. It also features banquet space to host a private event. All the courses are great for amateurs, as well as the professionals. They even host PGA tournaments.


Before making the home buying choice in the Bryan College Station area, it is wise to check out the local employment. This area hosts some big employers. The list is as follows. Texas A&M University employs about 20,000 people. It is followed by the Bryan school district with 2,100. Sanderson Farms is next with 1,850, the St. Joseph Regional Health Center has 1,560, followed by Reynolds, and Reynolds, 1,400. Next is the College Station school district with 1,100 and Alenco Holdings Corporation with 950. This is in addition to the numerous retails, service industries, and restaurants. New residents are sure to be able to find gainful employment in either of these two cities.


For those who prefer public transportation over driving, there are bus services. The Brazos Transit District is a county-operated system. They offer Fixed Route buses which cover several areas of both cities, according to color-coded routes. They also have ADA Paratransit for those who are disabled and cannot get to the fixed routes. There are a Demand and Response bus too, that will take residents wherever they need to go, with scheduled appointments. The TAMU express is strictly for getting to Texas A&M University. The University also has its own bus service with designated routes, both during and after school hours. Rates vary according to needs. There are multi-use passes available too, according to your individual needs.


There are plenty of entertainment opportunities for all ages. As mentioned before, all the parks and recreation facilities, from golfing, hiking, biking, swimming, and sports facilities, to fun entertainment. Some places available are trampoline facilities, museums, blueberry picking, downtown shopping, and community events, among many more activities. If you are a foodie, you are sure to be delighted with the host of restaurants. There are even four different wineries to explore, for the wine enthusiast. There is never a dull moment in these two cities.


The median price for a home in Bryan is $198,000, while in College Station, it is slightly higher at $233,000. When deciding on buying and selling with Bryan Realtors, it is wise to seek information from The Bryan-College Station Regional Association of Realtors. When it comes to selling a home or buying, in College Station, there are about 17 listed Realtors. Bryan Realtors are available in about the same number. Bryan Realtors come in major nationally known chains to smaller mom and pop types. Make sure to do some research on whom to choose for you buying and selling.


Make life a little easier for you, your agent, and homeowners when deciding on a home. It can be a stressful experience but made easier if you know exactly want you desire before you start driving all over and looking at too many places. Prepare a list of all the things you are looking for in buying a home. This could be the usual things, like bedrooms, baths, and the size of the yard, if it is fenced or not. Next, you can consider, schools, parks, and proximity to your employment. All these are important factors as well. Ask your Realtor to send you a list of addresses that meet your needs. Drive by the homes first, to not waste yours, the agent, or the private homeowners time. Make it like a treasure hunt instead of a chore.


Have fun exploring your newfound place to live. You are sure to have fun in this year-round mild climate, where opportunities are endless. Good luck, and welcome to the Bryan-College Station area.