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Are you looking to relocate to Bryan, Texas? This is a great place to move to. Bryan was incorporated in 1871. It was established by William Joel Bryan, a nephew to Stephen Austin, who was the son of Moses Austin. Moses Austin acquired the land around Bryan through a land grant from Spain.


The population of Bryan, as of the 2010 census is about 84,000. It encompasses about 45 square miles. Bryan merges in with their neighboring city of College Station, which is home to the A&M Health Science Center. Bryan is centrally located close to three major US cities, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. There are several major employers in the area, including the school district, A&M College, Sanderson Farms, St. Josephs Regional Health Center, the city of Bryan, and Alenco. The college alone employs 19,000 people.


There are several city schools to choose from before picking out a house. You can also choose from five private schools if you prefer. Bryan has an abundance of parks for the residents to enjoy playgrounds, walking, biking, baseball, soccer, and more. There is even a lake for the fishing enthusiast. For those who like to swim, the city has several pools to use. They even have an aquatic center with lots of water activities for the kids.


Bryan Texas has a great year-round m temperature. No snow here. It does get a little warm in the Summer months, which is pretty much the same everywhere. It also gets an abundance of rain fall, so no worries about gardening. It does have an average of 215 sunny days, so you can generally rely on good weather for outdoor activities for events, or just having fun outdoors.


For the sports fans, there are stadiums and fields to go to. You can watch a great college football game at the Kyle Field, located at the A&M University. You can also watch college baseball games at Olsen Field, or go to American Momentum Bank Ballpark to watch the TCL Brazos Valley Bombers play. They have a hockey rink, basketball, tennis courts, and a soccer complex. There are also four different golf courses to choose from as well. If you have the need for speed, go over to the Texas World Speedway for amateur racing fun. It used to be a NASCAR track at one time.


Bryan does have city transportation to make it easier for residents to get around. It operates throughout Bryan, and College Station. There are stops throughout both cities at medical offices, museums, the college, the library, pools, parks, and more. They have buses, and paratransit too. The paratransit operates to pick up the elderly and handicapped, enabling them to get where they need to go.


For entertainment, Bryan has movie theatres, museums, shopping, theatres, and restaurants. There is an older section, called Downtown Bryan, where First Fridays are held. There are boutiques, antique stores, family owned restaurants, art galleries, and small businesses. It's a great place to just walk around, shop, and visit with locals.


Go on the internet to look up Bryan homes for sale, check on the local Craigslist to find homes for sale in the local market. Find a good real estate agent that really knows and loves the area. They should have abundant real estate listings too, for you to have a large source to look through. A good real estate agent should also be aware of all Bryan homes for sale.


You should also look on Zillow too. Search Bryan homes for sale, and it will give you an idea of what the prices are running. With this information, you can tell a realtor exactly what you want and your price range. It also makes it easier on everyone involved. You don't waste anyone's time looking at a house that you will not like. Even if the house you find on there is not in the right area, you can still show the realtor what type of house you want. It keeps the frustration down for the home owner, you, and the realtor.


Bryan homes for sale range through a variety of prices. You can get foreclosures, or fixer uppers, to flip. Buy a condominium, so you have no lawn or exterior maintenance to worry about, and transportation is usually right out at the street. or you could live in a new development, older neighborhood, or upscale neighborhood. Bryan has a home for everyone.


Bryan, Texas has very affordable housing. The median cost of a home is $168,000, with an appreciation rate of 49.8% over the last 10 years. The median age of the homes are 30 years old, which is not too bad, considering the age of the city. This means most repairs have already been taken care of by the existing owner. The property tax rate is $17.57, which is a little higher than the national average. This is because of all the amenities offered in this city. Make a list of everything important in the home, and the location of where you want to be. Happy house hunting in Bryan, Texas!

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